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Take a look at the showcase of the best blogs of 2011! Below are the winners and nominees for each category. Get inspired and start your own blog!
Best Food Blog Badge
Simply Love Food, a blog where a stay at home mom with a pre-teen, a toddler and a vegetarian husband shares her passion for food: learning, cooking and photographing it.
Best Photography Blog Badge
All Will Turn to Silver Glass author, Malin Longva, is a norwergian art lover who’s taken over 50 000 pictures the past 5 years, sharing “this and that about life, art and immortal logings”.
Best Art & Design Blog Badge
The official blog for ARTA Design Studio, a company specialized in communication design, providing services in Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding and 3D.
Best News & Magazine Blog Badge
Newsy Blog is an infotainment blog of a citizen jounalist from Armenia.
Best Fashion & DIY Blog Badge
Warsztat Mamy is a polish DIY blog, bringing a new idea every day, trying to inspire everyone to do something while having tons of fun.
Best Personal Blog Badge
To Don’t List brings you a fantastic list of life don’ts, presented to you by Glenn Dalton.